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Garena Free Fire Winterlands

Garena Free Fire Winterlands is a battle royale game that features player battles between up to forty players. The game begins as you parachute down onto an island where you will face off against enemies. You can play with a team to reach victory by avoiding being killed by players or the radiation.

Free fire and Battle to the death!

Developed by 111dots Studio, Garena Free Fire (GFF) was one of the first mobile battle royale game. It came before the more famous PUBG and is still one of the major rivals on mobile devices. It stands as a uniquely distinct entity apart from the many rip-off games that have surfaces.

The overall feel of the game lends itself to less serious players from the start. The characters are playful and more cartoonish. The level of difficulty in combat is not very high for the die-hard players. When you download Garena Free Fire, don’t expect the most challenge.

Is Garena free fire offline?

In this free survival shooter game, the whole concept is based around playing in multiplayer. Therefore there is no offline mode. There are two ways to play the game that are online.

The main playstyle is in the islandwide free for all. Forty players are pitted against each other. The smaller version of this has a four vs. four squad focus, much like the popular Gods of Boom five vs. five gameplay.

What is gameplay of Garena like?

First off, the controls are quite easy to master with it being similar to most shooting games with the crouch, crawl, and standing positions. Targeting is made easier is a partially automatic shoot style with the aim point turning red if your shot will hit the enemy.

It features safe zones that prevent you from losing health to the radiation on the island. These spaces grow smaller as the game continues. Although play lasts for only ten minutes, the goal is not to go wild killing other players but conserving to the end.

The ammunition for guns is limited, and so are the health packs creating a scramble for more supplies. Here the player must constantly watch out not to get killed. There are cars in the GFF as well that can be used by the player.

These vehicles are simple to pilot with a compass of sorts showing you where to go. While in the car, you may not shoot, but you can run over other players.

The design of the environment is not that great. It aims at being cartoon-like but doesn’t deliver the greatest visual experience. The experience is not very immersive.

What makes Garena unique?

The characters you can play as are one of the main elements that keep the game interesting. They are not necessarily human, and some come with pets or specific accessories. You can spend diamonds on improving or customizing your avatar.

The level of wackiness does not reach Fornite’s level, unfortunately. Even so, the ability to change and improve the guns and characters in the game in a wide variety of ways is quite special.

The gameplay itself is better than many other survival games. Rather than focusing on the length or the tension building up, GFF has a nice balance with its limitation on the length. Finally, it features three different maps that are changed in some updates.

New skins, weapons, and customizations are released quite regularly. Special events are all too common in GFF with limited time offers on special deals.

Bugs and other problems

Unfortunately, Free Fire suffers from an abundance of issues. It has become harder to rack up coins and diamonds to level up a character and purchase new items. The prices keep increasing as the pay-to-play model becomes more dominant. It is rare even to get a permanent use item.

Another issue with the GFF, is the weakness of its anti-cheater system. Hackers run rampant on the servers while also hijacking the system to gain more diamonds. Honest players then spend their time grinding at the unfair system to gain improvements or spend a lot of money.

Due to consistent releases without taking time to settle the previous problems, a wide variety of bugs have developed. In many countries, even with a great connection, the multiplayer will have issues with the speed.

It is not an uncommon occurrence for the gamer to be kicked from the server. The game is consistently glitching, unable to display what characters have bought or given them new skins. The most recent updates only have compounded the problems.

Garena vs other battle royale

The natural comparison is PUBG. Free Fire is less realistic on all counts to this option. Gamers will find PUPG difficult and tense. The time consumption is another thing you have to factor in with GFF taking much less time. PUPG does have a better system against cheaters and more maps.

Fortnite is another popular alternative with its unique concept. The games are widely different but are both shooting games. Fortnite is limited on phones, while GFF does not appear on computers. On Android, Free Fire is more robust, but not as creative.

Call of Duty: Mobile features a better graphical landscape that continues to improve as time goes on, unlike GFF. The characters are more realistic, but there are only four classes with specific limitations. Also unlike Free Fire, it aims at being more realistic to life.

Clash against tens of players

Overall, Garena Free Fire is a fun game to play. As a testament to its success, it has received many rip-offs in different countries that attempt to copy it. It is not for those who are overly serious about gaming but for those who just want to have a fun time. Unfortunately, the bugs may dissuade some from using it.

The most recent updates brought a new clash squad rank mode along with a new weapon, and character. Smoke grenades were introduced to the game, and the motorbike can hold two players. A few sound changes were made, and players can no longer hide in the bushes.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Big community
  • Cool customizations


  • Rampant bugs
  • Expensive to advance
  • Bad servers

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